Specialist Engineering Company Stortec Launches Flagship Operation to the tune of £5 million in Immediate Business - Stortec Engineering Ltd

March 27, 2018by Sarah Green0

Backed by major environmental sector investors GVO-B1, biogas and liquid engineering company Stortec will bring over 30 years’ experience to the industry, as well as creating more than 25 jobs in 2018 alone.

The expert founding team of 15 is led by a team of experienced directors who have managed large projects across the world in long and successful careers in the sector, designing and delivering key liquid and biogas solutions to Severn Trent Water, Thames Water, United Utilities and all water utilities in Britain. Managing Director Gary Little was an establishing member of ADBA (the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association) with Lord Redesdale. The leadership team’s credentials in the industry bring leading specialist knowledge and skills to the local area that will resonate internationally.

With an order book already topping £5 million and a highly experienced team of 15 already recruited, this industry-leading business is a success story in the making – and a positive news story for environmental and renewable engineering worldwide.

The liquid and biogas storage business is a vital cog in the renewable energy industry and is expected to evolve rapidly, involving more than £50 million of investment in Britain alone.

Stortec’s innovative design capabilities and experienced interface management have been developed with industry expertise and client requirements at the centre, ensuring cost-effective and efficient turnkey solutions from design and build to completion.

Founder and Managing Director Gary Little said:

“I’m proud to be launching Stortec in the heart of East Lancashire. Our highly experienced team has been actively working in the liquid and biogas storage industry for more than 30 years. We are excited to bring £5 million of immediate business, jobs for skilled people, top investors and our leading expertise to the North West immediately – with a rapid growth plan that will see us reaching £15 million by 2021.”

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