Stortec welcomes Ribble Valley Mayor to celebrate our growing success

June 21, 2019by Jonathan

Stortec are a relatively new name to the Ribble Valley but we are certainly making our mark. After only a year, we have grown considerably and yesterday we welcomed Ribble Valley Mayor, Stella Brunswick to help celebrate. From our formation of the company in Feb 2018 with just seven people, Stortec have grown substantially. So much so we recently opened a second office due to the growing staff levels which have increased 10-fold in just over a year.

Stortec are a specialist contractor for the Liquid and Biogas industry working across the country and around the globe. We are leading the way with innovative engineering and delivery-line knowledge and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what state-of-the-art eco-friendly solutions can do. For any industry that teats water, wastewater or Biogas as part of their process, Stortec are the solution. Ribble Valley Mayor Stella Brunskill was also joined by Ribble Valley Borough Council’s Director of Economic Development and Planning, Nicola Hopkins along with Chairman of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s Economic Development Committee, Stuart Hirst

Stuart Hirst, chairman of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s economic development committee, said:

“The council has a strong track record in rural regeneration, establishing the borough as a premier destination for food and drink, as well as relocations and start-ups.

“Economic development is one of our key priorities – we recently appointed our first director of economic development, Nicola Hopkins, and launched the Ribble Valley Economic Partnership.

“Stortec is certainly making its mark – within a year it has opened a second office and expanded its workforce, which is great news.

“Ribble Valley is a vibrant borough punching above its weight and, thanks to the success of companies like Stortec, will continue to do so.”

We opened our first office in the Unit 59 Business Park, Clitheroe just over a year ago and within the first 10 months, we have recorded a turnover of £6.3 million, having completed over 50 different projects delivering significant profit levels.

Nicola Hopkins, Mayor, Stella Brunswick, Stuart Hirst and Gary Little smile for the camera

Managing Director, Gary Little said

‘Choosing a location for our new business was one of the more important decisions we had to make. It had to be a strong location for transport links, fulfil the criteria of being an office with large warehouse space, but most importantly, be a nice place for the staff to work, which Clitheroe certainly is.

Due to our continuous growth, it was apparent that we needed further space which Grindleton was able to offer. This is great news as we could stay within the area as we’re proud to be associated with the Ribble Valley and look forward to many more years within this great district.’

As Stortec continues to grow, so does their need for further staff to help move the company forward. ‘We’re always on the lookout for qualified staff to continue our journey and we’re currently looking to fulfil around another 20 roles within the Engineering sector, both within the office environment and on the tank construction side.

Adds Gary Little. ‘We’re proud that our growing business will continue to contribute to the local community and provide further jobs for todays and future generations to come and look forward to working with Ribble Valley to help address the current shortfall of staff within the engineering sector.’

With one year under our belt, and a prediction that their forecasted profits for 2019 will be double that of the previous year, the future of Stortec is certainly looking as strong as our products.

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