BIODOME® talks to Digester - Stortec Engineering Ltd

May 28, 2019by Jonathan

Our BIODOME® Gas Holder can be supplied as a free-standing ground-mounted unit or tank-mounted, directly on to a digester shell. In either configuration, the gas holder and digester work together as part of the overall plant process.

Stortec are ideally positioned to advise and offer the most competitive solution to meet the technical requirements for specific applications.

Our experienced team are here to help tailor the design to the bespoke needs of each plant. Therefore the BIODOME® system is designed against plant-specific parameters including operating pressure and gas generation rates. BIODOME® generates and regulates the overall gas system pressure. This provides a variable gas storage volume that can store or buffer gas ahead of the consumption equipment.

With a wealth of experience in both tanks and gas holders, the team at Stortec are keen to understand the plant requirements at an early stage. This enables us to eliminate any interface issues between the digester and gas holder and the benefits of our early involvement can result in a reduction of plant costs. We do this by allowing the design of the digester, gas holder and downstream equipment to link together. Call us today on 01200 407 507 to see how we can help you.

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