Stortec Engineering Ltd - BIODOME solving challenges of Biogas handling

BIODOME's Stortec

Stortec’s experienced biogas team has been at the forefront of water and waste engineering innovation for more than 30 years. BIODOME’s successful solutions have provided specialist answers to the unique challenges of Biogas handling, storage and utilisation for organisations all over the world. Providing trusted service and asset management that goes beyond any other supplier.

BIODOME can deliver solutions for all elements of Biogas storage and handling challenges, including:

  • Single Membrane.
  • Double Membrane.
  • Ground Mounted or Tank Mounted.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Inspection Service.
  • Asset Management Contracts to deliver regular and controlled assessment of Biogas assets.
  • Combined Systems involving Digesters, Pipework, Flares, Engines and BIODOME itself.

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