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Gas Holders

BIODOME® is a world-leading double membrane gas holder system Designed, and manufactured in the UK, the globally renowned system is a cost-effective solution for the storage and utilisation of Biogas. Each installation is tailored to meet the individual project demands for storage volume, pressure and gas flow requirements. The system offers unrivalled performance and flexibility

Bespoke solutions can be supplied to include central walkways, cantilevered access platforms, and installation of operation and maintenance equipment, all catering to the end users’ operational demands. Biogas storage for energy use is an easy and effective way for existing and new municipal, industrial and agricultural facilities producing waste, to create new renewable energy.


Installation can be completed in a matter of days by one of our specialist in-house teams.


The BIODOME® gas holders provide a solution for storing a variable volume of gas at a constant pressure.


Our Gas Holder range starts at 20m³ and extends to over 15,000m³.


BIODOME can be ground mounted or can be combined with a Tank supply package to provide a variable volume of Gas Storage in place of a tank cover.