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When completed, this was the largest project of its kind and a milestone for the industry. The original solution to dealing with waste from the pig farming industry was to utilise the waste product as fertiliser. This was not ideal as unless the weather conditions were perfect, slurry could end up in the water course, or create undesirable smells for the surrounding environment.

Using glass fused to steel bolted tanks, 600,000 cubic meters of pig slurry is Anaerobically Digested using the Stortec team’s innovative engineering, transforming cleaned wastewater into water ready for discharge to local waterways. Built in Eindhoven, Holland by one of Stortec’s founders, this ambitious project was completed in less than 12 months, concept to completion. The digestion process worked so efficiently that the Dutch Environmental Minister drank the finished water produced by the process when it was launched.

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Project Type
Bolted Steel Tank