Stortec Secures takeover of Kirk Environmental and Biodome - Stortec Engineering Ltd

April 20, 2018by Sarah Green

The industry-leading liquid and biogas solutions provider has finalised a formal takeover of specialist contractor Kirk Environmental Assets.

Stortec was founded in February 2018 by an industry leading management team, who have more than 150 years’ combined experience in the wastewater and biogas industry. The team understands the needs of the industry more than most so Stortec’s takeover now gives Kirk Environmental’s clients security as they progress the services of Stortec over the coming months.

Stortec will be utilising the ‘partnered approach’ of developing relationships with its clients to deliver bespoke solutions to the unique challenges of water, wastewater and biogas engineering. This offers clients improved asset management, purchasing and maintenance to enhance projects effectively and efficiently.

Biodome’s double-membrane gas holder technology is world-renowned and adds further kudos to the Stortec team’s already sterling reputation as industry leaders. Stortec’s designers work closely with clients and leading suppliers from the supply chain to innovate and provide products that are truly future-proof.

With an order book already topping £5 million and a highly experienced team of 15 already recruited, Stortec’s takeover of Kirk Environmental is forecasted to create 35 jobs in 2018 alone.

Founder and Managing Director Gary Little said:

“The takeover of Kirk Environmental proves our dedication to improving and developing the liquid and biogas industry globally, beginning with acquiring businesses who require our expertise here in the UK on our own doorstep. Our highly experienced team has been actively working in the liquid and biogas storage industry for a combined 150 years and we are excited to bring £5 million of immediate business, jobs for skilled people, top investors and our leading expertise to the North West immediately – with a rapid growth plan that will see us reaching £15 million revenue by 2021.”

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